SG Solutions is a market leader in Virtual Workforce services across the globe. Our remote workers provide our clients with a highly skilled team of motivated professionals as well as a dedicated team lead to be your single point of contact. This organization allows our clients to get a much wider variety of tasks accomplished than they would be able to through using individual contractors. Even better is the fact that our model eliminates the need for the office space, overhead, benefit costs and training time that would be required for the half dozen or more employees that would normally be required. We handle all of that, so you can just focus on getting your job done.

How It Works

How It Works


As soon as you engage SG Solutions, you have hired an entire team: administrative experts, content writers, web and graphic design specialists, accountants and more. The entire operation is coordinated by your Team Manager at no extra cost, enabling you to get the benefits of a skilled team but only needing to manage a single contact yourself.

A remote worker, or virtual assistant, can accomplish most of the tasks required of a traditional on site employee. The only real difference is that your VA (Virtual Assistant), operates from a different location so you don't have to include them in your payroll. Our services brings all the different skills of independent VAs together into a well-organized team in order to bring you a better value and more productive experience.

How to Get Started - It's just 4 Simple Steps

How to Get Started


Click the GET STARTED NOW, then fill out our sign up form. The more detail you provide, the better selection of VAs we can offer for you to interview.

Within 24 hours we will provide you a selection of Virtual Assistants to choose for your initial interview, at no cost or obligation to you.

As soon as you have chosen the VA that is best for you, just pick the best plan to suit your individual requirements.

Once your VA is assigned and your plan is selected your team leader will help you to coordinate completion of your tasks in a timely and efficient manner. You will be able to communicate with your team leader and VA through Phone, Skype, Chat, Email or other options if needed.


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